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Pier & Beam Installtion San Antonio, Texas

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Having the right kind of foundation is important for a property. After all, that is where you are going to be able to build a property this means that the foundation needs to be strong and sturdy. For a lot of different property types, you need to have the kind of foundation that is referred to as piers and beams. To ensure that the foundation that you get is going to be able to last, you need to turn to professionals that you can trust, the team that is most well-known for this kind of work is right here at San Antonio Foundation Repair Pros.


Proper Materials

When we are working for you, we are going to use the best materials that are available on the market. This means that we are going to be able to ensure that the work we do for you is going to be able to last. Although all of our workers are fully trained and certified professionals, we also use the leading brands on the market for the products and materials that we use. This means that we are going to be able to provide you with outcomes that you are going to be able to fully enjoy.

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    If there are piers and beams near me at your property already, but if you need to have update work done for the foundation, you are going to be able to call our team. We are going to be able to provide you with a solution for this kind of work. We know that we are going to be able to provide you with an update that is going to leave your property looking as good as new. Best of all, the newfound sturdiness of the property is going to be able to last for a while we love the work that we do, and we know that the end result is going to be helpful for all of your needs.


    Sufficient Support

    Our company is trusted for a wide range of foundation repairs and foundation repair services. A big reason why there are so. Many people in San Antonio choose us because we have the proper knowledge and best foundation repair cost near me to be able to do the work properly. We are also going to ensure that support is sufficient for your property. We are also going to be able to provide reinforcement or repair services without causing damages or creating concerns in other areas of the work. We are fully committed to getting the job done properly, and we know that you are going to love the outcome



    The work that we are going to provide you with is going to be able to last for all of the years to come. We understand the importance of the work that we complete for our clients. As such, we always ensure that we provide you with an outcome that we are going to be able to stand by as sturdy and dependable. We know that a foundation is the most fundamental part of a building, so we never take any shortcuts.


    Foundation Corrections

    Foundation Piers is a cost effective way to raise the foundations of your home and also provide a strong support structure for landscaping and vegetation. They can also help to level areas where ground leveling is required. The process of foundation pinning involves the use of vertical steel ties called piers, which are placed securely around the outside of your foundation, with no spaces in between. This will then keep all the soil beneath the piers in place and prevent it from shifting as the ground settles. 

    Foundation pinning is often referred to as "slab wall anchoring". This method of foundation support is used for both interior and exterior foundation foundations. Essentially, piers are driven vertically into the earth, using steel ties called "piers". You should have no problem finding concrete piers in most any size area. However, you may need to dig a bit deeper to find the right sized concrete piers. Here is an example... 

    "If you have a large tree on your property, you may want to think about concrete slabs. Concrete piers near me can be easily driven into the earth by using a heavy duty chain saw. In fact, you can drive them into the ground in a very narrow angle, as shown in figure below. Once they are firmly planted into the ground, you simply need to drive them out again with a chain saw in order to remove them once more. This method is very effective for foundation repairs and can save you money in the long run." 

    "You can also use foundation piers, which are a bit different from exterior foundation piers. For this job, you will need tiebacks to install interior pilings. These tiebacks are typically made of stainless steel or some similar metal. They help keep soil out of the pilings while the concrete is being poured. The interior piers are then installed directly over the tiebacks. 

    One of the most common problems encountered with new home construction is the occurrence of soil pockets that are located within the basement walls. Many times foundation piers are not installed properly in these areas, causing subsurface pockets to form. If these pockets weren't filled in the first place, then they will eventually cause foundation damage that requires repair. This repair work is usually quite expensive, but it can be done if you have your foundation piers installed properly.